This Economic Recession Might Just Have A Good Side Afterall

We're still surviving somehow, aren't we? Everyone is frowning upon the current situation in Nigeria right now. I'm definitely not above the 'frown'. We are all affected one way or the other but complaining and getting angry all over again whenever you hear that Uncle Buhari has made one more decision that makes living a bit more unbearable. I'm sure

God Creates, So Can We

We are made in His Image and Likeness. We are all creators. ...the dusk sky, sprangled with dust of stars. To wish upon them would be the "magical" thing to do. "A peaceful world, ruled with Love so strong that hate is strangled out of existence, clothed in Light so bright that darkness cannot begin to comprehend". Strength and Faith

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Everyone Is Flawed. There Is No Shame.

I wish this was my mantra from a young age, I had always seen my differences as embarrassing. Yeah but allow me blame everyone but myself for a moment. I would say I had things happen as a child that made me rethink my self worth. Growing up it wasnt even easy 'being normal' if that is the right phrase.

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Setting Goals II: Why We Need To Plan

I may already be sounding like a broken record because I have written about this before but I am going to choose to be ignorant of this. Writing about this topic also helps me, keeps me in check and reminds me of my priorities and I hope it does you as well. For everytime I say 'I'm tired', 'there are

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The New Trend Everyone Is Talking About

Has anyone else been noticing an unusual amount of velvet on the runways lately? You must have seen during the fashion week for fall/winter 2016 that velvets were spotted ten too many times (Definitely not in a bad way). Did that give you ideas? All your favorite stores are carrying this trend, won't you jump on the bandwagon? Or is

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