I got inspired to write this after seeing the movie “Something Borrowed”.

This movie might have had a romantic vibe to it but even in our everyday lives, we fail to take chances. Whats the worst that could happen when we try to chase our dreams? Our dreams, not anyone else’s. We get a NO? It doesn’t work out? Even then, keep on keeping on. Would you rather live with the ‘What ifs?’, ‘Maybes’, ‘Why didn’t Is?’.

We can only grow as time goes by. Sometimes we wish we were like other people unconsciously. Chances are, they worked hard to be wherever they are, I bet if we at least try to be the best versions of ourselves, we wouldn’t worry or try to compare ourselves to others.

We all have dreams but it’ll take an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort to make them come to reality. There are those who sit and wait and there are those who stand up and work. It’s a choice afterall. It hardly ever happens that hard work doesn’t pay off, it almost always does. It paid off for Nastygal’s Sophia Amoruso and Modcloth’s Susan Gregg Koger.

Today turns yesterday so tomorrow can give way to another ‘Today’. This whole concept eludes most of us. We fail to see that these are our chances to take. Sometimes we are not motivated or inspired enough to get up and do something positive in our lives.

You need to realize that today is the day, not tomorrow, not someday. They never arrive.

Nothing will come alive if we don’t work for it. We all have to start from somewhere. It might not be the start you imagined but it will definitely take you to a place you never believed you could go. Remember, anything is possible. It was possible for Mark Zuckerberg.

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