Today I’m going to share a piece with you guys and it’s not the best but it was what I was feeling at some point so try not to cringe while you read. I beseech thee.


Now we livin’ in a morally derailed world

Where its okay to call a female ‘bitch’ but

You’re not allowed to say that its wrong

Cuz its called sinnin’ when you judge


The men dress up looking so lost

Letting their trousers hang way low

They say the Godly fashion is old

But did Jesus hang for this? hell no.


So I’ll set the old me ablaze before hell consumes me

And renounce the titles my Father didn’t give me

Words like ‘bitch’ no longer describe me


I’ll surrender and let Him redefine me

Under angels wings I pray thee, hide me

When the odds rise, His grace will find me


I’m incomplete without you to guide me

So I lay it all down, everything, all of me

Like I said, its not the best. But this is just how I feel.

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