So I get up after a long hard day of browsing through the endless selections of movies on Netflix and I’m hungry. Starving even. I check my wallet and i almost weep. That rules out ordering food. Time to see what’s in the kitchen.

Opens fridge.

Why can I only see white?

Well, except for 2 eggs and half a can of tomato sauce.

I head to the pantry. Half a packet of macaroni.

Doesn’t seem like much huh? Just follow the instructions below and dinner will be served in no time.

  • Boil your macaroni/spaghetti for 10-12 minutes. The trick is to put more water than needed when boiling the them so at the end you drain out the excess water so they don’t get sticky and all mashed up.
  • Heat up your pan with a little oil. Now depending on what else you have you can slice in onions, chicken or a few veggies. Pour in the tomato paste and allow it to sizzle.
  • Season the now made stew with your spice of choice. I usually go with my cayenne pepper, curry and crayfish in addition to the usual salt and maggi.
  • Add two eggs and scramble them till almost done. You should still have a few soft curdled semi fried egg bits in the pan.
  • Now add your macaroni. Sometimes after resting in the sieve for a while after been drained, your macaroni might have decided to be stugged together *in falzthebadguy’s voice*. No fear, just put the sieve with the macaroni under cold water and use a spoon to separate them. The water makes it easier and in no time they are back to theirΒ normal unstuck selves.
  • Stir the macaroni in the stew and leave for 1-2 minutes on medium heat.

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