Where is that place you’ve never been but home sick about?

Addiction is saddled with craves which are stimulated by constant reassurance that the addictive would make us whole.

We are humans and our existence is coupled with the search for purpose, light and what we feel puts us together. Things and people that could better our lives, but most times we are caught up with those out of our own reach. We get stuck up in unattainable substances which drives us to places that we go seeking for help.

Sometimes, we confuse dreams and fantasies with reality. We create an image of others in our heads and put them in places they don’t deserve. Other times, it’s us who are building the walls in hopes that miracles will perform itself.

I know few places you’ve been.

That place you think are only meant for the strong, confident, rich, loved, beautiful, rich, loved, pure and what not. That place in our heads that lowers our self-esteem and puts our hearts to gloom even when the body wants to outshine. That place you feel you can never return from.

There’s never a “point of no return” on earth when it’s you who’s involved. It’s okay to break and cry it out, it’s alright to converse about it with someone but make sure to come back and mend. Find light even in those dark pit holes love.
Picture gotten from-Devianart

Dyna Ekwueme Copyright, 2016.

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