“On all counts your honor, we find the defendant GUILT…”

“NO!! Take me instead! Let me serve the sentence!” screams a man as he walks to the front of the courtroom.

“But I deserve it…I should pay the price”, pleads the defendant.

“I love you. Go, you’re free my daughter”, He says in a soft soothing voice.

The court room fills with hushed dialogues. The Judge takes a minute before giving his final verdict.

“I find you NOT GUILTY. You are discharged and acquitted”. Bangs gavel.

Immediately, the man is cuffed and taken away. The defendant looks on as her chains are unlocked and her slate is made clean before the Judge.

That my friends, is Easter in a nutshell. or court room. Let me explain.

The moment disobedience occurred in Eden, we were all covered in sin, declared unholy and unrighteous. Sin ruled our hearts and lives and we could never inhabit the same place as our heavenly Father because of it. Case in point: We were doomed. Dead. Under the oppression of the devil. End of story.

Or so we thought.

Then Love happened.

Our Father couldn’t bear the thought of us, His children not coming home to Him. He loved us so much He couldn’t let us perish.  Our unrighteousness and filthiness had to be washed away. We had to be made holy and pure and unblemished before our God. All these had to be done for us to be given eternal life. Something had to pay the price for our sins. SOMEONE.

Jesus came. He came and healed the sick, made the blind see, delivered people from demonic oppression, raised the dead, fed the hungry and walked on water.

He came to die. For you. For me. You see,  Jesus was pure, without stain, holy and righteous. This was the perfect price in exchange for our sins. So He had to die for this exchange to be sealed.He was beaten, ridiculed and flogged. He died and the sentence of doom over our heads was lifted and replaced with eternal life. He died and made us presentable before God with us wearing his pure and stainless cloak instead of our raggedy torns. He died because He loved and still loves us.

So this season and more, thank Jesus for taking your place in that courtroom. For We are the defendant whose chains of death and sinfulness have been broken and the doors of eternal life have been opened wide because of the Man who took our place.

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