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This year has been off to the craziest start hasn’t it? Well for me it has. But if there’s one thing that has managed to keep me sane, its my trip to Nigeria a couple of weeks ago. Now I have no interest in boring you with three weeks worth of details about my mini vacation but I do want to share a couple of travel tips I found helpful and I hope they come in handy for you as well. That being said, let’s get right into it.

This is a very important but largely overlooked tip when traveling. A lot of times, we tend to over estimate the length of our journey and end up packing a little more than needed and this subsequently means having to deal with heavier or more items of baggage. Packing light will leave you with just the essentials and eliminate the stress of hauling heavy bags around the airport. You can try packing outfits for every day +1 extra outfit (in case of an emergency) instead of random pieces of clothing. That way, you’ll have everything you need without the unnecessary extras.

Whether you like it or not, for the entire length of your flight you’re going to have to put up with the person(s) you sit with so try to be as friendly as you can so your trip isn’t equal parts uncomfortable and awkward. Smile, say hello and just be nice generally. You never know, you could end up making a friend or two.

There’s nothing as relaxing as having comfortable clothes on during a journey and in my experience, i’ve learned, the hard way of course, that heels or tight fitting clothes are really unnecessary. You can throw on a nice t shirt and a pair of jeans or sweatpants with some flats or sneakers. You know, give yourself some room to breathe. You’ll thank me later.

Never EVER embark on a trip without some money. Emergencies occur at any time and you may need to pay for some surprise expenses or buy something so being strapped for cash is dangerous. You can use a card for convenience or carry cash instead but make sure you have accessible funds.

Wearing too much perfume or wearing a strong perfume during a trip can become very uncomfortable very quickly. Asides the fact that you can become sick from constantly inhaling it yourself, people around you may be allergic or have respiratory conditions so this can be problematic for them as well.

This is usually a small bag/purse that contains a few travel size sanitary products that are useful during a trip or upon arrival at your destination. It should usually contain the following items; toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, sanitary pads/tampons(female), wipes, pain killers, perfume (when you arrive at your destination) and liquid soap.

It is important to get a decent amount of rest prior to your departure. Not only will you be well rested and de-stressed, but it will prepare you for the hassle that sometimes comes with checking in and also reduce the possibility of being jet lagged.

If its going to be a long journey, and you’re a foodie like me, you might want to pack a few snacks. They may come in handy and save you the exorbitant airport spend in case you have a layover.

This is important because sometimes you may need to fill forms or some other paperwork and its always convenient to have a pen so you don’t have to go through the trouble of asking around.

Well that’s it guys! These tips are not necessarily restricted to air travel and they can easily apply to all forms of commercial transportation. Also, if you have any other tips you would like to share with us, leave them in the comment boxes below.

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