I’ve never been good at sharing but the minute I saw you and your screams penetrated the walls of that hospital ward, I knew it was time to make a compromise. Not like I had a choice anyway, your mother was smitten the minute she saw you. Besides, what was not to love about you? You were perfect, all ten fingers and toes. You see you were a miracle to your mother and I. Countless doctors’ reports and medical findings indicated that bringing you into this world would not be possible but then your mother and I serve a God whose ways and means defy the laws of logic and science.

That is the first thing I want to let you know my beautiful daughter as I walk you down the aisle to hand you over to this man whose life I made a living hell while you both were dating but like a bad case of the flu kept coming back is that contrary to the trials and tribulations and conspiracy theories the world might want to bringΒ your way, there is a God and he is as real as the moon in the night sky and the flowers that bloom in the spring after their period of hibernation in the winter. Let Him take the lead in your life the same way your mother and I allowed him take the lead in raising you. Let Him direct you and order your steps and you will never go wrong.

Do not let anyone bring you down. You are one of the brightest and smartest children in this side of town and I’m not just saying this because you are my daughter. All your teachers from primary school till you left the university have been saying it and I can ensure you that every one of them will be proud if they saw you today, especially aunt Funmi your JSSΒ 3 teacher who saw the potential to be a top notch engineer and made you her pet project, giving you guidance and encouragement when your mother and I battled with the news of her lung cancer. The sky is big enough for every bird to fly without collision. Do not give anyone the chance to make you think less of yourself. You are beautiful inside and out. Just like your mother.

I want to apologize to you, my darling daughter, for keeping you in the dark about the severity of your mother’s illness. I saw the way you worshiped her with every fiber of your being. It was from her you were brought into the world anyway. But I needed to spend all the time I could get with my wife and I wasn’t ready to let her go. I needed her to teach me, to teach me how to be a father and mother to you when she was ready to be released to join her maker. She was my first love and we made a promise to leave this world together but I have learnt not to question God as His ‘foolishness’ confuses the wisest of men. I am intrigued by your level of strength and maturity. You became the parent to your mother and I after she finished her chemotherapy but the cancer still spread to all her important organs. I saw in your face that peace that I was afraid wouldn’t be there when it was time to let your mother go.

I know she is smiling from heaven. Looking down at us with pride beaming from her chest because we conquered the world together and you found for yourself this man who we are convinced without a shadow of doubt will be your husband, lover and friend. We love you Oluwafiayebidabira. Like your name says, God really did decorate the life of your mother and I with signs and wonders the day He gave us to you.

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