It’s Spring/Summer. We can’t really decide on which it is exactly because the weather gives us a little bit of both sometimes. We just want to remind you to dust your sneakers/trainers because the season is here.


puma trainers

I found these Rihanna’s puma inspired trainers. I figured, for those who always wanted to get this, but was lucked out because they’re sold out or cost-wise, then you’d love these for €35. Thats just right within the budget of a good pair of sneakers.

I found them last night while perusing online stores and kindly added the black and white to my cart and slept off hoping to check out this morning after finding the perfect gifts to go along with the whole order. It doesn’t come as a shock when I say the black and white babies are sold out. SOLD OUT!! In one night! I honestly would have managed a size 38 in desperation, being a size 40, but all sizes are gone for both of them and it breaks my heart. But these colors are still available at the moment. Cop them before they’re gone by tonight! The ladies of misguided don’t play around.

Lace up flatform trainers pink – $35
Lace up flatform trainers grey – $35
Lace up flatform trainers beige – $35


White trainers

Everyone needs white sneakers in their closet. There’s no compromise in this decision. You either have white sneakers or your have white sneakers.

White tab flatform trainer white – $35


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