You smile at Me.
But it doesn’t reach your eyes
The way it does when you smile at Her.

You touch my arm
And it sends ripples through my skin
Spreading farther and farther until the last wave hits my heart
And I’m forced to give up a breath and a heartbeat simultaneously
But you seem to breathe fine whenever we hug.

You never notice the extra degrees my smile widens when you speak
How my walls pull a Jericho and crumble when we converse
The burdens on my shoulders instantly becoming weightless
My superfluous mind suddenly having only one thing in focus, You.

But then she approaches and in a blink
Bursts the bubble of our little fiefdom
captures your attention with a whiff of her perfume
While I watch
As you surrender, helpless to her charms
Unable to untangle you from her deadly vines,
My ineptitude to free you from her mangling claws
Sends angry chills through my being
Making me wish I could expose the horns hidden beneath her brazilian weave.

I am not being sincere here.
She is infact amicable to the 10th degree
Halo over her head, heart the size of the sun
Late at night, she tells me how you are a dream in her reality
About the completeness she feels knowing you’re Hers.
The pure joy of having You as Her everything.
She also mentions the ripple effect her skin gets when you hold her hand
I smile at this unwelcome familiarity.
All I do is lay there and listen to her,
Awww when she pauses,
Giggle when necessary,
And tell her no of course she’s not stupid for loving you so hard and easily when she asks.

People say maybe in a parallel universe they hope fate would be in favour of their love to conquer
But I want Us to be a constant in any permutation.
I want us to be an unmoving force no matter what external entity tries to knock us down
We’d be a new thing, Newton. Unexplainable. An exemption to the test of fate

Despite my wants, I realize I have one need.

For Her to be happy. Wholly and utterly.
And You are the X that marks the spot on her map to happiness.
So I stand on the outside looking in
As Your love with Her blossoms
And I dig mine up and search for some other soil to grow.

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