After reading Ike’s post here about apps to download this summer, I decided to add just two more apps to this list.

HIPPO LITE: I’m one of those who always wished I had a remote for my laptop. I knew in fact I wasn’t the only one who wished this or who thought about this so definitely someone more desperate must have created something. Last last, it will be $4.99 on the App Store. I went in search and bam, this app here. Works on both Mac and Windows. And it’s free. I wish there was one to control my door and lights but we’ll get there right?

PACK POINT : Once when I wanted to travel to Budapest. I had work that day, I had an hour long meeting, I had to see my friend off and I also had to pack for travel. I had barely 2 hours between after work and the train time. It was quite a spontaneous trip. What do you think came in handy in my ‘under 10 minutes packing’ adventure? Packpoint suggests the kind of items to pack for different occasions. This certainly increases the chances of procrastination but sometimes it’s okay to not want to plan so much especially if you’re going on a 2 day trip.

If you’ll allow me do oversabi a little, I’d love to add two general apps to this list. Thank you.

SMART BANK (OTP) : I am sure everyone already has this app by this time if you have an OTP or any bank account in fact. Instead of going online each time to transfer money or send money, you can easily go on the mobile banking app and choose your saved beneficiaries. C’est finis. Saves you the time of always going through your documents to search for your account number and account ID.

AIRLINE APPS : I know Ike suggested sky scanner but read this first. I have experienced, not first hand though what travel agencies are capable of. Like Changing the details in a booking and in the case where you want to make changes you’ll be on the phone with the airline longer than you’ll even be on the flight. Or they’ll mis book your flight and you’ll have to suffer the consequences. Also if you’re to be refunded for a reason, the airline makes the refund to their account and sometimes these agencies aren’t totally honest about the amounts refunded if you do get the refund. Or worse still they’ll go into liquidation and you lose the flights you paid for. These and more are the reasons I do not fancy travel agencies.

So If you must, then check the agencies like sky scanner for the cheapest airlines for your particular flight, then go on the actual airlines’ website to purchase the tickets. It certainly is less risky than using the agencies directly.

These should be all the apps that help enhance my laziness. Actually it takes a huge load off my back and who really wouldn’t appreciate having more time on their hands. Even if it’s a minute or two. Especially hippolite. That saves you time and saves you certain bodily movements that you would rather not make.

Do have a beautiful week.

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