Have you sat and thought about what or where you’ll be in 5 years? 10 years? How about 15? You certainly have thought that far, haven’t you?

Now, I’m a planner and I already have goals for the next 5, 10 and 15 years. Just two though for the latter because to be honest that’s really really far. But the reason why it is necessary to write down goals that far away is because it helps you set your priorities right from today, and you know what to do in order to achieve such goals.

The main point today is drawing up a five year plan or any number of years at all. In order to do this you have to follow these steps; or rather, ask yourself these questions.

Where will you be in 5 years? In school? Fresh Out of school? In a job?

Then you will know what goals to set in relation to where you’ll be. If you’re still in school, your goal might be to start a business, to get a first class to start a blog, a YouTube channel, to learn a skill. If you’re working, it might be to get another job, a house or a car or start up a business. It’s really never too late or too early to have a side business. And this is number one in all my plans.

What do you want to be, or do in 5 years, 10 years or 15 years?

You will have to decide what is so you. Sometimes it might not even relate to what you studied in school. Granted you’d still have to work in that sector, but there could be bigger plans. Myles Munroe said that you should never work just for money. He also adds that if the sole purpose of you working is to get money and feed yourself then you’re failing at life. Basically, you’re helping other people’s visions and doing nothing about your own. Just so you understand exactly what He meant, he concluded by saying, working at any particular job should be part of your plan, a stepping stone to helping your own vision. Even if it is to get some capital for your own side business. Or it is for experience but do not be comfortable at JUST your job.
Now you know where you’ll be and you have an idea of what goals to set. This is just the second part to setting your goals, basically, what you see yourself having or doing in that fifth year. Now how about the period between you and that fifth year, these are more or less the steps to reaching that goal.

What are you doing in order to achieve these goals?

Myles Munroe said that everyday, he made sure he did at least one thing that’d help him get closer to his purpose. Now that’s right? Are your days filled with pre planned tasks or are you just winging life? What is it youre doing now that will definitely contribute to you being that person, or being in that place you want to be in 10 years? This is where daily schedules, weekly tasks, monthly plans become relevant.

Please if you do not take anything from today, remember you’re the only you in this world and you’re a gem. Do you understand what it means to be 1 in 7 billion? So act like it, turn your ideas into gold, do not try to compare success, and do not live like a carbon copy. Live everyday like you mean it and not as if it just happened.

Have a blessed week.

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