You know how, sometimes you try a lip stain out and do not like it and it just refuses to come off so you can use your favorite one or try another one? Well, I was in that dilemma and there’s just one quick fix that worked spectacularly. You’d be shocked you never thought of this… Or maybe you did but still, read on.

The secret? Lip balm, lip gloss, or Vaseline! Bam.

Do you have a liquid lip balm? Or a clear lip gloss? Or Vaseline? Use a bit of lip balm/gloss over the lip stain, then go ahead to use wet cloth or baby wipes to wipe it off. Do this Two times and every stain will be out instantly and you can go ahead with your day.

I hope this helped you. Comment and subscribe. Let me know what you think. Have you tried this before? If yes, how well did it work?


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