We are made in His Image and Likeness. We are all creators.

…the dusk sky, sprangled with dust of stars. To wish upon them would be the “magical” thing to do. “A peaceful world, ruled with Love so strong that hate is strangled out of existence, clothed in Light so bright that darkness cannot begin to comprehend”.

Strength and Faith streaked into weaves, interlacing us in long fabrics embroidered with Hope. Youths focusing on mining the vast treasure that lies within their souls called talent, being the very best they can be.

Everyone waking up each day with a constant desire to make someone in their own little niche smile therefore making the earth a better place, for in the beginning, He saw what He had created and behold IT WAS VERY GOOD. So what had happened?”

She stopped to ponder,packing a palm of sand by the beach. The sun was kissing the sea goodnight at the horizon as the cool breeze ushered in another end-of -the-day.

“Could this be all it seems to be? Mere wishful thinking?”


If it is indeed a thought, then it can be birthed into reality, wielded and breathed into existence by just two set of people, You and Me.

We have to believe we are able. We are created to create and our minds are wired to do great things. Sitting still and waiting for confirmation? When we have been provided with all we need. The Word.

Afterall, in the beginning all things were created by the Creator. We are made in the likeness of the Creator therefore we can create.

This piece is written by ABASIOMOKOP ETUK who is the Author of Unveiled Faces which you can order from Amazon.

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