We’re still surviving somehow, aren’t we?

Everyone is frowning upon the current situation in Nigeria right now. I’m definitely not above the ‘frown‘. We are all affected one way or the other but complaining and getting angry all over again whenever you hear that Uncle Buhari has made one more decision that makes living a bit more unbearable. I’m sure this is not good for the health. Aren’t we tired though?

But let’s leave the boring talk. We have been pushed, maybe even SHOVED out of our comfort zone a little more quickly than we’d ever expected but I guess we have no choice now.

‘We can’t be suffering like this’. I said everytime. There is no atom of exaggeration in the above statement.

But this suffering might just be what builds our character or that one push we needed to kickstart whatever we always hoped to do. Who knows?

This is the time to be hardworking and push through our excuses because being broke certainly has less and less appeal. I mean, no one likes being broke.

Everyone is an entrepreneur now, everyone is moved to start one business or the other, everyone is being creative, everyone is preparing their future. This is the one situation it is perfectly okay to follow ‘everyone‘.

Of course we’re always going to complain. We reserve the right to. But at the same time, be focused and have a plan. Stretch, lol as Michael would say. This isn’t the time to be lazy.

I do want to commend those who have started businesses, who have decided to work, who have made decisions that will help them live more comfortably and who at least complain a little less than usual. I would love to use this opportunity to feature some businesses on here, maybe their future customers are my readers. But that will come in a later post.

It can easily be discouraging to start a business here knowing that everyone is doing almost everything. At least that was everyone’s excuse until recession. But 12 people baking doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate an extra one.

Keep up with the times.

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