People ask when I knew I was in love with you. It was the day you slept over at my place after hours of brainstorming for your first book. We talked and talked into the night and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up the next morning to Angelique Kidjo blasting from my speakers and you fixing pancakes for us in the kitchen. You acknowledged me with a smile and went about your business like this was normal. Like it was something we usually do. It was at that moment I knew I wanted you, needed you in my life. It was the moment I knew I was in love with you.

I knew planning the proposal would be easy. For someone who writes based on her experiences and environments, you can be so damn clueless. I remember the nervousness as i got down on one knee and completely flopped the speech i had planned. No wonder they say one should speak from the heart when proposing.  You stared at me for 3o seconds before exclaiming, “Oh wait you are proposing. I thought you were tying your shoe laces!!!”. Because your pranks always get me.

As you walk down the aisle with your father towards me, I cant help but remember the good and bad times. The endless hours  staying up with you cos you had exams to write and projects to submit. I watched you juggle your education and writing effortlessly. I remember the time you were told your book was finally going to be published. You turned to me and said you loved me with tears in your eyes. I remember how we would be with friends and it will still feel like we were all alone because we only have eyes for each other. I remember when your father called me to his house and drilled me mercilessly about what exactly I wanted from his daughter and how he gave me a hug and welcomed me to his family. I know you don’t know this but I cried on my way home that day.

I promised myself not to cry today as you walk down the aisle but how wont I? Look at us, we made it. I am excited about this new journey as man and wife. I believe without an iota of doubt that God gave me you.


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