First of all I would like to apologize for the disappointing inconsistency of this blog’s writing. I can certainly say it’s not our fault and neither is it on purpose. The excuse is we are students and we sometimes (if not all times) have exams; the ultimate devil if you ask me and this has created a great enmity between academics and hobbies… but on to better news;

Have you noticed the differences on our site? It seems as though we rebrand every year, but I think it’s just so hard to settle on something that gives me peace and satisfaction and because of that I haven’t been really putting a lot into our content but instead, trying to put a face first to this small corner of the internet.

Anyway this makes me so happy because I have sincerely done a lot of research and a lot of self  (blog) evaluation before deciding to revive this hobby. I have put a lot of thought into the type of content I’d like to defend or stand behind, the kind of message I would love to convey and ultimately the uniqueness and relevancy of our articles.

I have realized “one step at a time” is truly one phrase whose train I need to get on ASAP. I rushed into this and tried to hasten the progress of this baby (blog) so much rather than going slow and steady to build something much stronger. Also we aren’t CHANGING course entirely or not at all even, but there is more clarity to where we are headed.

For the physical evaluation; the site’s theme. I LOVE IT!! I love how much more professional it looks, how minimal and yet oddly satisfying it is and how easy it is to find what you’re looking for (although you all still need to confirm that to me). I listened to some concerns where people said it was really bland and less eye catchy and they needed colors introduced to the site in general. I’m an avid stay-away-from-color type of person so I didn’t even think I’d consider colours (plural) but here we are (although you need to squint to find them, but hey, A for effort).

My drive for this blog at some point was ‘professionalism’. You can’t say ‘lol’, you can’t be too personal, you can’t make ‘stupid’ jokes (very relative), you can’t be sarcastic. And afterwards it was quite the opposite; like, in fact make jokes, be goofy, be extra, be very attracting. But all in all I thought there can be a balance after all and that is BE YOU, any kind of ‘you’ there is. So whoever would love to contribute to stylepith in future, don’t be afraid of your ‘voice’ being heard. We don’t seek the occasional, society satisfying, people pleasing voice but the weird, odd, nerdy, simple, vain, normal, everyday-you voice. Just a reminder.

I hope you enjoy our posts onwards and whether it makes you laugh, cry or scream, it should surely evoke some feelings.

Welcome to stylepith, our little corner of the internet.

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