I had been debating whether to post ‘outfit of the day’ posts on my blog or leave it for instagram, and I have finally made up my mind to do so because I can’t post the entire folder on Instagram, and I also might have a few things to say about these outfits and such, so I think it is best if I do so.

There isn’t a set schedule yet for days I’d post these so it would be totally random. Sometimes I share ootds because I think I look really good but most times it’s because of the thought process behind styling these looks and other rare times, I just want to show that I do not need to stack on a lot of layers to consider it a look.

Subsequently, I’ll be able to feature stunning street styles and other bomb looks from other people.

I hope you indulge me or better still you can just check out my Instagram page for a summary of each outfit make up. I’m now treating it as my own personal editorial.


Have  a wonderful rest-of-the-day.

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