No Ragrets. Regret nothing. Do everything you want to do. Regret nothing. Challenge yourself everyday. Regret nothing. Regret nothing.


People make mistakes. Mend your relationships with people who’ve hurt you now. Be free of their hold. Forgive and move on.


Don’t make assumptions about people before you even meet them. Give people a chance.


22 life lessonsThere’s all kinds of beautiful
Everything is beautiful even if to just one person.


There is nothing like luck. Keep grinding


Things wont always go your way, and it’s okay.
“I wouldn’t say I’ve exactly been the most positive person in the last few years. I always thought I was unlucky and things just always went wrong whenever it was my turn. But the truth was, I was sending out a negative energy Β and thus I was receiving the same. It’s no longer frustrating when things do not go my way, I’m just like, ‘something better will come around don’t worry’.”


Always take the high road
My pride is my weakness. It’s every ones’. Apologize when you have to, it doesn’t take a thing from you but rather garners you respect.


Money always leaves but it always comes back too. Do not let money BEND you.


Never worry
Worrying has never helped anybody. It has never helped me to be precise. Act, and if you cannot act, Wait.


Everyone is going through shit. Respect their shit.


22 life lessonsTravel as much as you can
Experiences and memories are treasures that’ll keep you going through life and there are lessons you learn on trips you wouldn’t otherwise have if you didn’t travel. It can be very low budget depending on where you’re going so you don’t have to spend extravagantly on a trip if you cannot afford to.


Opinions are solely based on people’s experiences and you really cannot change much of what someone has experienced or what they think of you. Don’t bother yourself. Just be you and hope they eventually understand this. Sensitive is good, but too sensitive isn’t as much.


It’s okay to do the little you can. You don’t have to make as big an impact in the world. Just make sure you do your best and be okay with it.


Know who you are and be confident in yourself
If you don’t know your identity, people will define it for you. You will be constantly swayed, you’ll succumb to so much pressure to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do, you’ll be taken advantage of. Know who you are!


Relationships aren’t a do or die affair
“I could’ve really lived without getting into one quite frankly. Love is a very beautiful thing and it’ll be wonderful to experience it in a relationship but you should be able to live without that if it comes with excruciating pain.”

However you have to understand that love comes from a lot of different sources. And God’s love is the most beautiful and most reliable.

22 life lessonsHealth is key
It is important to take care of yourself, your body, your mind… because quite frankly life gets more and more challenging as you grow before it gets easier and by the time it gets much easier your body might just be less forgiving when you try to workout. Do it now, take care of your body now.


This should be a basic principle of humanity; respect people enough to be polite to them. It takes nothing.


22 life lessonsWake up early
You can get a lot of things done in the morning. A lot! You are more active and we can all benefit from that in the mornings.


22 life lessonsRead books
“Once I drop a book, I never pick it back up especially if I hadn’t gotten to the main or interesting part. I’m still trying to start reading more and you should too.”

Knowledge is Power


Enjoy the littlest things; the short time spent with friends, the conversations you have with people. Remember to savor them.


Networking is very important because you cannot climb to the top alone. Make friends, appreciate people, try to understand them, love them and keep them. You aren’t meant to go through life alone.


Know God.Β I have felt empty at so many points in my life and knowing God, having God, understanding His Love for me helped me so so much.

One more thing,

Live, Live in the moment. You’re only certain of right now.

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