Glasses have always been my own personal mask; for when I look scruffy, when I have eye bags, when I’m without makeup, to tie up a look, to take away the attention from bushy brows. It’s been my saving grace more times than I could count and I have come to rely on it without reason.


There are so many different shapes, sizes, brands etc of glasses and I’m only getting started, OH CHALE! This process doesn’t cause me financial stress as much as it does physical stress because I faithfully go through different websites to look for the particular shades I need at a particular time.

Glasses obsession

In case you’re wondering the different classes of glasses you can try out to know which looks best on you, I’ve included photos of them within the posts and if you need to know where each of them are from, just let me know in the comments.


Now onto the lessons I’ve learned being a glasses H O E;


You’re never satisfied. You always want more, crave more.


You ditch/get over the old ones when new ones arrive.

Glasses obsession

You think because there are different shapes, they’re definitely a necessary purchase.


If a particular one looks good on you, you buy them in different colours.


You never leave a website without checking up on the sunglasses section. Maybe not to buy but to see what’s new in the glasses universe.


You’re totally conscious of the glasses trend. Which influencer is wearing what? And where can I buy that?

So recently I found this instagram model/artist who is a total bombshell btw. In one of her shoots, she wore these beautiful yellow lab looking shades. Now I didn’t think twice before going up on ‘wish’ to check them out and I did find them, and I did purchase them and here’s the link to where she got them from” ??

Glasses obsession

Not all glasses shape suit me and I respect that. But even though I’ve found the best shape for my face, I still yearn for more aesthetically pleasing ones just for Instagram flat lays.

If you can relate to two or more points above then you’re DEFINITELY obsessed. Welcome to our little club.

Glasses ObsessionSo now, can we have some tea and talk about the next batch of clear glasses we’re going to purchase. Winter is Coming ?

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