My Work-Casual Monochrome Look

I had made a regulation to have photo shoots at least 4 times a week this summer (OOTD) because I evidently have nothing to do. I’m not traveling anywhere, I’m not attending no parties, it’s literally just I and my thesis and project (school work). And because that is no way for a human to survive, I decided to let my creative juices flow into something, which in this case is styling and aesthetics (very broad stuff). Keep in mind I’m styling- to nowhere.

Well today, I knew I wanted to create a laid back look and I was going back and forth with my structured white shirt paired with jeans or the same white shirt with work pants, I just wasn’t too sure.

monochrome ootdI was so stuck because I didn’t like the way either looked and I just decided to let out my frustration by trying on different things in my closet. When I put this F &F pants on, I was just so satisfied at how well it now looked on me. I’ve styled these before but because I have lost some weight, they were now slacking and more relaxed looking and I appreciated it even more.

It gave me a very ‘I want to go to a work get together, but the it’s so hot outside, and the theme states casual’ vibe.

It was a no-brainer to pair it with a bralette because if you intend on having your band showing, you don’t want to cover it up then.

monochrome ootd

monochrome ootd

I also had my H&M brown blazer lying around and thought, why not? Let’s go all out with this colour. I broke this look up with my Berska white sneakers and you can go the classier route and pair them with nude heels and still leave it monotone, or you can try to be fancy and throw a white blazer on with coloured shoes. Do as you please b, and if you do try this look out, tag me on instagram @emetetim or send your image to us using our email address in the ‘work with us’ section.

monochrome ootd

I hope you liked this outfit because I LOVED it. It was a bit different for me because I wouldn’t usually wear something like this. I’ve always just thought I never had the body for it and I don’t do struggle. If the bralette is going to slip up every few seconds then its a no-no, but this held up pretty well and it was much easier to wear than I envisaged and I promise to keep these exciting unusual (for me) looks coming.

monochrome ootd

Would you wear this look though? And where would you actually wear this to?

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