“You don’t have any right to complain about stuff, if you didn’t try to make an effort to move it in a better direction” – OBAMA


“Cleanse from people who cringe at your success stories”


“How often do you break your noise with your own silence?”


“You were made to lift others where they fail to lift themselves”


“Let people be loud about their love, their friends, their own. Let people be”


“When I started focusing on the purpose and not whats right by societal standards, I found myself”



“Stop waiting for something you have done nothing about”


“Stop fighting time with hopes that change will happen soon”


“If you’re vibing with someone who doesn’t push growth and substance, you’re wasting your time”



“We think we are alone in what others pretend to be together in”


“Goals are women that write for women, women that fight for women. Goals are women for women not against”


“You are not where you used to be last year, how you used to be two years ago. Appreciate your little growth”


“The Idea that you exist is beautiful enough”


“Know when not to entertain temporary feelings”


“You begin to own yourself when you say what you’re afraid others would hate you for. Be wild when it comes to truth especially with yourself”


“What you’re praying for, some are dying from. Be careful what you seek for in your prayers. Every good thing may not be good for your soul”


“You will be appreciated by the same voices that blurred your loudness”


These quotes made so much sense to me. I have some of them on my board and reading these daily can slowly start to change your perceptions because this is for your good. Thank you so much Dyna Ekwueme for these wonderful quotes. She posts daily quotes on her Instagram and Twitter and you can also visit her blog here.

I hope this made you ponder or made you say ‘Oh I guess I need to change this’ for at least one of these quotes.

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