PS: We all know the summer has ended because the cold we are experiencing right now is not of God.


Do not throw out your old crochet scarf just yet, there may be more uses to it. When I’m bored I go crazy, very crazy with styling. I “stumbled upon” my crochet neck warmer one morning and ONLY based on the fact that it was the exact colour with my sunglasses I decided to quickly put something together.


I initially already planned what I was going to wear but I couldn’t end my ‘shoot’ without this new revelation.

Styling Neck WarmersStyling Neck Warmers

The day after, I picked up my second scarf and it was nowhere near as small as the other one was but was big enough to create an off shoulder wrap. I mean, who was I to say no to this variation? Again, I put another outfit together. I didn’t have enough time and space to take full photos but I hope this helps you think outside the box when next you look at your scarves.

Styling Neck WarmersStyling Neck Warmers

In order to prevent mishaps, you will need to wear a bandeau like I did underneath this so if there is any slip you’re not left totally bare.


But I hope you thought this was interesting in some way and you’d want to try it even if it’s just in the comfort of your room. You know you want to ?. You can send me photos because I’d love love to see how you style it ??

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