To be fashionable you need to be able to explore.

That is what I was trying to do the entire summer; find pieces that I wouldn’t normally try and see the beauty in it. Exploring helps you appeal to a wider audience as a fashion enthusiast/blogger. It helps get a better idea of how to style widely varying items if you decide to slide into the styling business.

NEw clothing trend

NEw clothing trend

I think I’m ready to be a stylist or a fashion buyer.

My mum always sang this in my ears every time, she says; “I don’t understand why you do not wear dresses or skirts. When I send you money, find some nice block heels and leave those pencil ones you’re always wearing, wear a nice skirt or a nice dress and just add your necklace ‘to match’ and appear chic”

No joke, every time I call her. This made me think and it might not necessarily be “skirts or nice dresses” but I understood her point clearly, I was limiting myself. I was too much of a structured person when it came to my style which made it so so basic. I’ve began to challenge myself and I’m enjoying it. Not everything works but eventually maybe, besides the styling process is so much more fun anyway.

NEw clothing trendNEw clothing trendNEw clothing trend

So this 4th quarter, I challenge you to change up your styles, leave your box, build a bigger one and keep building, for your personal style and for every other thing in your life.

Also remember to indulge me as your stylist or fashion buyer. My services are free now *wink wink* Lets have fun.

All the Ankara items in this post are from Trendy trads.

Thumbnail is courtesy of Stocksnap

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