My name is Em Etetim and I am the pen behind StylePith (well, one of). Jokingly when I coined the name at first, I thought, ‘I want this to be the core of all things style‘ and yet I didn’t know how I was going to pull it off.


Stylepith is a personal lifestyle blog geared towards millennials or just anybody interested in learning about style or who enjoys having a cold (or hot) drink while reading away on travel adventures or the exploration of different cultures and new recipes. You won’t find everything here, that would be too ambitious, but you will find just enough to provide the right balance of entertainment and erudition.


Fashion bloggers to me have always been seen as style solutions in a box and that is what I want this site to be. I want it to be a place where everything can be possible, whether it is mixing prints or other ‘Fashion Donts’.


This site won’t be possible if it’s not a conversation. So please always remember to leave your thoughts and your opinions so we can have a nice little chat.


I hope you learn a thing or two about styling or life in general from us. And we’ll learn from your inputs as well.


Welcome to stylepith where all fashion choices can be possible ?