This Economic Recession Might Just Have A Good Side Afterall

We're still surviving somehow, aren't we? Everyone is frowning upon the current situation in Nigeria right now. I'm definitely not above the 'frown'. We are all affected one way or the other but complaining and

Everyone Is Flawed. There Is No Shame.

I wish this was my mantra from a young age, I had always seen my differences as embarrassing. Yeah but allow me blame everyone but myself for a moment. I would say I had things

Setting Goals II: Why We Need To Plan

I may already be sounding like a broken record because I have written about this before but I am going to choose to be ignorant of this. Writing about this topic also helps me, keeps

Setting Goals: Plan! Plan!! Plan!!!

Have you sat and thought about what or where you'll be in 5 years? 10 years? How about 15? You certainly have thought that far, haven't you? Now, I'm a planner and I already have

2 Apps You Need To Download Today

After reading Ike's post here about apps to download this summer, I decided to add just two more apps to this list. HIPPO LITE: I'm one of those who always wished I had a remote

Air Travel Tips

Hello everyone, This year has been off to the craziest start hasn't it? Well for me it has. But if there's one thing that has managed to keep me sane, its my trip to Nigeria