The New Trend Everyone Is Talking About

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Has anyone else been noticing an unusual amount of velvet on the runways lately?

You must have seen during the fashion week for fall/winter 2016 that velvets were spotted ten too many times (Definitely not in a bad way). Did that give you ideas?

Beauty Hack: Removing Long Lasting Lip Stains

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You know how, sometimes you try a lip stain out and do not like it and it just refuses to come off so you can use your favorite one or try another one? Well, I was in that dilemma and there’s just one quick fix

Trainers to cop this Season

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It’s Spring/Summer. We can’t really decide on which it is exactly because the weather gives us a little bit of both sometimes. We just want to remind you to dust your sneakers/trainers because the season is here.


I found these

Our first ever Fashion Week!!! Yay!

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Hey beautiful people, we have decided to introduce a new sequence called the Fashion week, considering we haven’t delivered a good dose of fashion and style tips since we moved. I’m just going to introduce this so you get a general knowledge of what happens

Shoes: Are you ‘red-y’ for this?

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If you haven’t noticed already, my love for mango clothing brand is overwhelming because their product quality is simply amazing and looks high end. Though not all their items appeal to me compared to stores like H&M but the few finds are worth investing in.



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Finally, after a lot of random name picker sites, and a lot of number crunching, the winners of the valentine giveaway are Queen Otu for the Culotte, Faith Abodunrin for the Black dress with pockets and Joba Idowu for

Lime: Shades of Coats

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Luckily, the Winter season this year is not so ‘white’. A little less snow to ease the discomfort don’t you think? But don’t get me wrong, it’s still very, very much cold. Cold enough to think about investing in more winter Coats even if you

Turmeric: food or beauty gem?

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Well I heard it is the secret behind flawless skin.

A friend told me about it and I decided to try it out of curiosity. JK. I’m not curious enough to use a random orange powder on my skin. Besides that, having sensitive skin doesn’t let

11 Steps To Achieving a Flawless Face

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Contrary to what this featured image displays, give yourself makeup days off, baby girl.

It’s been a little while since I wrote something for you guys, and I have an excuse believe me. But the voice of reason has managed to convince me that ‘I was trying

12 basic items every lady should own

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You know the ‘nothing to wear’ crisis women go through on a daily basis? The probability of that happening often will be reduced if you have this in the bag.

On second thought, the search for the solution to this crisis continues.

These items are so basic