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False doctrines

My mum is pissed as hell, she probably thinks I'm the spawn of the devil. Not like I blame her though. She's notย the only who thinks that about me. It's because...

God Creates, So Can We

We are made in His Image and Likeness. We are all creators. ...the dusk sky, sprangled with dust of stars. To wish upon them would be the "magical" thing to do...
setting goals and plans

Setting Goals II: Why We Need To Plan

I may already be sounding like a broken record because I have written about this before but I am going to choose to be ignorant of this. Writing about this topi...
setting goals and plans

Setting Goals: Plan! Plan!! Plan!!!

Have you sat and thought about what or where you'll be in 5 years? 10 years? How about 15? You certainly have thought that far, haven't you? Now, I'm a plann...